RF Transformers 2 To 300 MHz, Type "U"

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  Basic Transformer pictured (above) in 4:1 (L) and 9:1 (R) impedance ratios. Their self-inductance limits the low frequency end to approximately 74 MHz.


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 Typical application (above) of U-type Transformers in a 5 to 175 MHz, 300 W amplifier.


     The Type "U" Transformers are intended for input, output and interstage impedance matching apllications in push-pull amplifiers in the 2 to 300 MHz frequency range. Depending on the power levels involved, the band may have to be divided into two or three segments. The Type "U" transformer requires a presence of magnetic material, such as ferrite, to increase the winding inductance for operation below approximately 75 MHz.


Key Features:

  • Power handling capability exceeding 1kW
  • Primary and secondary D.C. isolated
  • Impedance ratios from 1:1 to 16:1 available
  • Small physical size




     The type "U" transformer is not a stock item due to a large variety of requirements in mechanical aspects, power level, impedance ratio and bandwidth. Contact us about your specific requirements and our low prices.



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